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Anykščiai st. Matthew's Church


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The century-old neogothic red brick church with twin spires, designed by the architect Nikolay Andrejev, is the highest church in Lithuania with its 79-meter-high spires being the first detail the visitors coming to Anykščiai can see.

The church is decorated with original stained glass windows created by Anortė Mackelaitė (1971-1988). The churchyard is full of artistic monuments: wooden Stations of the Cross (sculptor R. Idzelis, 1981-1988); the sculpture of Jesus Nazarene (V. Vildžiūnas, 1992); the sculpture the St Family – a monument to commemorate the parents of the famous Anykščiai citizens (sculptor A. Kmieliauskas, 1986); the sculpture of Mary (R. Kazlauskas, 1990).

The church hosts various cultural events and concerts. 


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