Cognitive Route: Anykščiai Regional Park's Exposures


A complicated trip of more than one day. The roads consist of gravel, asphalt and wooden path. The length of the trip is 60 km.

During this trip you will visit the most interesting exposures of the regional park, which opens up to 400-500 mln years old layers. This sand is called "The Gold of Anykščiai" - huge sand layers.

Let's start the trip with the Regional Park visitor centre. We offer you to visit an interactive exposition. Then we go to Šventoji river. When we reach the wellness path, turn right and go along the path until it ends. 
In šeimyniškėliai street we turn left and go straight for 5 km. towards Niūronys. On the way you can visit Pavariai Stone, Pavariai Tree and J. Biliūnas home. In Niūronys we offer to visit the Horse Museum. After the museum there is a crossroad - we go straight until we see directions to Variaus Exposure. 

After visiting Varius Exposure we go back to the wellness path. We go along the path for 3.8 km until we reach the pedestrian path-bridge through the Šventoji River. We cross the bridge and go up the hill. When we reach the road, turn left and go for 10 km straight. Then you will see the direction to Vetygala Exposure.

After visiting Vetygala Exposure, go back to the main road and turn left. Go straight for 1.7 km, turn left and go for 1.6 km straight, towards the Šventoji river, then you will reach Daumantai Exposure. Go back to the main road and go to Kavarskas direction. There you can visit the spring water. Go back to Anykščiai. Go straight through the town until you reach Anykščiai Regional Park visitor Centre.


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