Bike route: The Trip around Rubikiai Lake


It is an easy 4-5 hours route around the Lake Rubikiai, which starts and ends near the narrow-gauge railway station in Rubikiai. The route consists of asphalt and gravel road. The length of the route is 17 km.

Choosing this route you will go around the LAke Rubikiai. The lake is almost 1000 hectars and it has 16 little islands in it. All islands have original names: Česnakinė, Bučinė, Varnagrotė, etc. Rubikiai Lake is connected with Dusynas, Liminas and Mūšiejus lakes, all of them belonging to the Rubikiai hidrographic Reserve. 

During the trip you will have a chance to have a look at the panorama of Rubikiai and Dusynas lakes from the 15 metres high tower! The stop - Mačionys. From narrow gauge railway stop we turn left. In the crossroad turn right and go along the asphalted road. 3.2 km away you will reach a campsite, where you can relax for a little bit. From the campsite go further for about 2.3 km until you reach Mačionys village. Go straight through Mačionys village until the T form crossroad - then turn right. Along this road you have to go for 5 kilometers. You will reach "Gradiali Anykščiai", the turn right and go straight for about 2.3 km. In the crossroad turn right. The end of the route is 3 kilometers away.


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