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Equestrian club Vilartas – leisure time in a saddle


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Working hours:
I — V 08:00 — 21:00
VI 08:00 — 21:00
VII 08:00 — 21:00

The sports club Vilartas unites equestrian sports lovers, young athletes, professionals and people with disabilities. Vilartas is established in the picturesque surroundings of Niūronys village. Here you can ride a horse on cosy forest paths or valleys along the river. You will be accompanied by an experienced coach, who will show the most beautiful places of the area and give advice on your riding skills. The sports club creates favourable conditions for sports, organises show jumping competitions, promotes the development of equestrian-related services and active entertainment. Here you can also rent a chariot or a sleigh, organise photoshoots with horses, guided tours and educational programs.

All visits must be arranged in advance.



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