Cognitive Route: Along the Roads of Writers


The nature in Anykščiai has inspired people to create, to write poems. Over 50 famous writers are from Anykščiai region. 

During this route you will have a chance to know the surroundings in which the writers lived: J. Biliūnas, A. Baranauskas, A. Vienuolis-Žukauskas, B. Buivydaitė. You will also be able to visit: Horse museum, Pavariai Tree, Pavariai Stone, Liudiškiai Mound st. Matthew's church, which is the highest two-tower church in Lithuania (79m.) The start of the route is Anykščiai Regional Park visitor centre, where an interactiver exhibition is established.

Anykščiai RP visitor centre- "The Light of Happiness". Go to J. Biliūno street, then turn right and go straaight for about 600 metres. In the crossroad turn left and go along Liudiškių street to the Light of Happiness for about 1.5 km.

"The Light of Happiness" - B. Buivydaite house-museum. From "The Light of Happiness" go back on the same road for 1 km and turn left to K. Ladygos street. Go to the crossroad with the Dariaus ir Girėno street, turn left. You will see the towers of Anykščiai st. Matthew's Church - go towards them. Behind the church go for about 80 metres down the Vilniaus street and on the left side of the road you will see B. Buivydaite house-museum. Then after visiting the museum go back to the church. Near the church you will see a monument for Antanas Baranauskas. Then go towards the bridge. On the other side of the road you will see the monument for A. Vienuolis- Žukauskas. Cross the bridge and go straight to the green house- a museum of A. Baranauskas and A. Vienuolis- Žukauskas.
A. Baranausko and A. Vienuolio-Žukausko memorial museum – Niūronys. After visiting the museum go back to the bridge, go down the hill to the path of wellness. Go to the direction of the dam. Go along this path for about 2.6 km until it ends. You will then reach šeimyniškėliai street, turn left and go straight for another 4.5 km. On the way we offer you to visit J. Biliūnas home-museum, Pavariai Stone and Pavariai Tree.

After visiting Niūronys village take the same road back to town, to the path of wellness. Turn to it and go back for 1.7 km, until you reach a little bridge over Anykšta stream. Turn left to the road and go up the hill to the RP visitor centre.

The length of the path is 21 km.


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