Basket garden

Educational programs

In the homestead of the beginning of the 20th century, in the territory of the Pelyša Geological Reserve, the Wickerwork Museum is housed by Ligita and Kazys Morkūnai, long-time educators and certified traditional craftsmen (weaving wicker).

In the homestead you will visit the basketry museum, get acquainted with the 19-20th century household items and the everyday life of those times. In the territory of the reserve you will see nature monuments and hear legends.

In the educational activity "I Weave Weave" folk artists will introduce the secrets of the weaving craft to the small and the big ones.

The homestead has plenty of safe space for children to play and relax. Outdoor fireplace, smoke sauna.

In free time you can visit the surroundings of Šimonys Forest and get acquainted with its natural treasures.


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