Snow Park Rules

In winter, SNOW PARK apЗears on Kalita Hill in close cooperation with Lithuanian National Ski Association. Separate hoists, various shapes, fresh air and  limits of human abilities…


  • Always evaluate your abilities, because you are solely responsible for your safety;
  • In SNOW PARK sky only on Twin Tip skis and snowboards;
  • If you are an inexperienced snowboarder / skier, don't try to repeat the tricks performed by more experienced skiers;
  • Take a look at the figures before skating in the SNOW PARK and evaluate your experience and abilities;
  • If two people arrive at the same time to snowboard figure, the first one is the one who skates first, the second one must wait until the person who skates before him safely descends;
  • Beware of slander and cross-skating people;
  • If you fall down, get up as soon as possible;
  • Be polite. Do not do as you would not want to be treated;
  • Do not stop in badly visible places;
  • Never lt go your snowboard. If you take it down, put on the snow with the bindings down.


  • For Skaters without helmets;
  • For visitors who independently build and change snow shapes at SNOW PARK;
  • For visitors who attempts to relax on / between the SNOW PARK shapes;
  • For visitors who attempts to skate  intoxicated with narcotic and toxic substances.