Farmstead "Tarp liepų"

Rural tourism

Near the river Šventoji and ponds. 18 beds, the main building can accommodate up to 18-20 guests, there also is a 30-seat banquet hall, catering services, large terrace with a fireplace, the building near the pond can accommodate 15 guests, it has a small banquet hall, a little kitchen, steam sauna and a beautiful view through the window. Recreation: sauna, sauna on wheels, kayaks, volleyball, basketball and tennis courts, billiard, library, chess, board games, children's playground. Bicycle tours around the area. Travellers with tents are also welcome. 



Family rooms

Class (stars)

4 star


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    Superinė tvarka, aplinka ideali, ir dar pro langus matyti, kaip danieliai su elniais ganosi.