„Pas drambliuką"

Rural tourism

The homestead “Pas Drambliuką” is a perfect place not only for relaxation but for parties too. This homestead has a beautiful location, close to the Alaušas Lake. Products offered: a guest house with an indoor pool and bath, a ball hall with up to 30 spaces, a general space with a huge TV and a kitchen, and 4 rooms with 12 spaces. Wooden beds with good quality mattresses will improve the relaxation you need. In the general space there are 2 more beds for 4 people. A small bath is also outside, near the lake. The bath is also available for accommodation (2 persons). The homestead is very peaceful, has wooden boats and a bower. The water of the lake is clear, so it is perfect for swimming. To reach the maximum relaxation, health procedures are offered at the homestead. Canoe tours are available at the Šventoji and Jara rivers!


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